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I am not mechanically inclined. Ask me to change a light bulb and I’ll panic. What’s doubly weird about that is I once worked in a strange role where I was both the desktop publishing person and the network administrator. I certainly wasn’t qualified to serve any company as a network administrator, so I relied on outsourced expertise by the name of Larry Hansford. Larry was wonderful. He taught me a lot, although not nearly as much as someone in that role should have known. After all, he wasn’t being paid to teach me; he taught me what he could out of the goodness of his heart.

That was over 20 years ago. Technology has changed a lot since then, and I haven’t gotten any better at diagnosing or fixing technical issues. For the most part, I rely on my husband’s general knowledge regarding home network and cell phone problems.

Lately, I’ve had issues with this website and my other website, I can exercise extreme patience when it comes to working with dogs, cats, or horses, but not when it comes to dealing with the frustrating, exasperating problems of a computer that won’t do what it did before and won’t tell me what the problem is.

Is expecting a computer that can perform astounding feats of digital prowess to tell me what the problem is too much?

Apparently so.

Cue the rising blood pressure!

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