I have recently finished two projects: one is my own book and the other is one I wrote for 0-0-8 Studios.


The third book in my Triune Brides Alliance series, Single Stroke follows two characters briefly introduced in Double Cut, Louella and General Superior Yas’kihn. These two characters wanted their stories told, so I put them together.

In Double Cut, Louella is kidnapped by the evil Sivuul and presumed dead after efforts to recover her fail. However all is not as it seems: Louella survives. In the same book, Yas’kihn desires a mate and the human brides intrigue him, but he’s bound by tradition and duty: duty to his people, duty to his planet, and duty to his emperor.

When a resourceful woman from Earth with modern day sensibilities collides with a dutiful, traditional, powerful male from another planet, somebody has to compromise. A lot.

Single Stroke shows how fate can change in one fell swoop … and there’s no going back.

Single Stroke goes live on December 15, 2023. The book is available on Amazon in Kindle or paperback format.

The Bounty

Emmet Hallelujah Jones, a renowned bounty hunter and gunslinger, sets off after another lucrative bounty. This time, it’s personal.

A just but focused man, Emmet will do anything to catch this bounty, even if it means gunning down a few other memorable names in the process. However, as he tracks down the bounty, he finds something unexpected. He’s introduced to a peace he has never known, a peace he has always yearned for, but which has always been out of his reach because of who and what he has made himself to be. Now, with new choices before him, he must decide what he values most.

Will Emmet hang up his guns and turn over a new leaf? Will he claim that bounty? What will become of this self-made man?

Justice. Vengeance. Redemption.

The Bounty is available in e-book format from 0-0-8 Studios and from Amazon. Printed copies should soon be available.

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