Convention season BEGINS


This month’s newsletter speaks to convention season.

Ohio (where I live) is fortunate to enjoy an extended and extensive array of festivals, fairs, and other events throughout the year; however, convention really gets cracking in May. After a family reunion the first weekend of May, my calendar is packed with weekened events over the next several months that will take me all over Ohio and into Indiana and Michigan. I typically don’t travel anywhere I can’t drive to within half a day.

For an overview of my schedule of in-person appearance and to enjoy yourself at these diverse venues, check out my events calendar. I take a limited inventory of books to sell at these events. Therefore, if you’d like to reserve a copy or four to ensure I’ve got them in stock for you, use the pre-order form here. You need not pay until you pick up the books.

I also sell my paintings at many of these events. Yes, paintings. I dabble in canvas and acrylics. If you describe my style, I’d suggest the term “Impressionist” more than anything else. I call it channeling my inner Monet, although my artistic talent cannot compare to his.

Painting circa 4/2023.

My newsletter is scheduled for distribution on May 15. (It’s supposed to go out the 15th of every month.) Please let me know if you don’t receive a copy and want one. I’ll get you added to the subscription list.

So, what else is on schedule?

If you remember my Twin Moons Saga, a fantasy romance series, the latest book in the series was published in July 2022, Knight of the Twin Moons. Nearly a year later, book #5 in the series will be released: Champion of the Twin Moons. This story is a bit different from the others in the series in that it incorporates the “rejected mate” trope and turns it on its head. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

On the back burner, two more stories are simmering. I have to give the old brain a bit of a rest before launching into the next manuscript, though. Regardless, I hope to have another book out this autumn and perhaps again by the end of the year. Cross your fingers!

Stay posted! There’s more to come. (And maybe I’ll figure out how to better use this technology.)

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