Champion of the Twin moons goes live July 19


On July 19, 2023, my latest book, Champion of the Twin Moons, is officially published and available for purchase. The book is available in paperback and e-book from Amazon. (I’ll have printed copies for sale at my next event, the First Friday Art Walk on August 4, sponsored by the Beech Grove Artists Collective in Beech Grove, Indiana.)

The fifth book in my Twin Moons Saga, Champion of the Twin Moons returns to the fictional realm of the fae. Those who have been following the series will remember Master Enders, the mysterious Archivist; mighty King Uberon of the Unseelie Court (hero of Daughter of the Dark Moon); Ishjarta Ornstal, former assassin-for-hire and new king of Fyrgia (hero of Knight of the Twin Moons); and, of course, the unicorns (aka the dawn and midnight swifts). They and other characters cross over into this story, strengthening the connections between the books.

Of course, if you haven’t been following the series, don’t be afraid to take the plunge! You won’t be lost, because each book in the Twin Moons Saga (or any of my series) may be read as a complete, standalone novel in and of itself. (I detest cliffhangers and won’t inflict them upon my readers.)

In Champion of the Twin Moons, my usual storytelling veers off the beaten path. Like Daughter of the Deepwood, the heroine is native to the fae realm. Unlike any of the other books in the series, hero Chastian is young—at least by the standards of the immortal fae—and the heroines are much younger. In this newest book, I focus on the hero’s journey, both in terms of travel and personal growth, because we all know it’s the journey that’s interesting and what makes the ending worthwhile.

Champion of the Twin Moons begins a few years after the conquest of Fyrgia. The exiled royal family are now subjects of the intimidating and formidable Erlking who leads the Wild Hunt. The former crown prince of Fyrgia is an angry, entitled teenager, and his oldest sibling is his sister, Rosalia, a mere 12 years old. Their family summoned to an audience with the Erlking, Rosalia meets Chastian, the Champion of the Seelie Court and the Archivist’s oldest son. Chastian recognizes the girl as his mate—awkward! However, the Archivist has a solution: invite the girl to study under his tutelage until she grows up.

Then things get really interesting.

If you’re looking for a story redolent of swashbuckling and derring do with a strong dose of romance, then purchase your copy of Champion of the Twin Moons now.

So, what’s the next book in the Twin Moons series? I’ve got that on the back burner while I work on the next book in the Triune Alliance Brides series.

Front cover of Champion of the Twin Moons by Holly Bargo

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